About Waystream

Waystream is a Swedish company that has been developing and selling advanced digital infrastructure, such as switches and routers, adapted for the FTTx market, since 2001. Our products are stable and reliable, and are built to maintain a long service life in varying and demanding weather conditions. With the help of our products and our expertise, telecom operators and service providers are able to offer fast, service-intensive and reliable services to the user. Our equipment is in part used in connection with the establishment of new fibre networks, but also when existing networks are to be upgraded.

We are currently the Nordic market leader in our segment, and over the past 20 years have delivered more than 20 million ports around the world. Our primary customer groups are city networks and communication operators, and of Sweden's 170 city networks that are operated in-house, almost 60 city networks are customers of ours.

In addition to the core business, we offer related technical support, training, and consultancy services. The head office is located in Kista, and development resources are found in Sweden, China and India. As of November 2015, the company is listed on NASDAQ First North, under the ticker WAYS.

We enjoy a solid network with partners in local markets, primarily in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe. The leading fibre nations in the Central European market are in a strong expansive phase, where hundreds of millions of households are expected to be connected to the fibre network in the coming years. The suppliers to these households are our customers, and we are seeing that demand for our products is increasing in this very expansive Central European market.

We are proud to be a Swedish company, with the vast majority of our production in Sweden. We climate compensate our products, and are thereby carbon neutral. Products are considered to be carbon neutral when their greenhouse gas emissions are measured and compensated for by supporting internationally recognised carbon dioxide CO2 compensation projects. In addition to avoiding and reducing emissions, which are two key elements in the implementation of climate action, compensation is an important step in helping to ensure a holistic approach to climate action. Our project can be seen here: www.climatepartner.com/17894-2205-1001 and more info can be found under Sustainability.