About Waystream

Waystream operates in the telecommunications sector helping its customers to build next generation fibre networks. The head office is located in Kista, with staff in Sweden, Germany, China, and India and offices in Umeå, Hamburg and Shanghai. The product portfolio includes switches and routers adapted for the fibre market and associated peripherals, technical support, training, and consulting. Our customer base and target customers are city networks, operators, and real estate companies that own and operate their fibre networks in the Nordic region and Central Europe. Waystream is currently the Nordic market leader in its segment. Most of our production occurs in Sweden, and our switches are climate compensated and thus carbon-neutral. Products are considered to be carbon neutral when their greenhouse gas emissions are measured and compensated for by supporting internationally recognized carbon dioxide CO2 compensation projects. Our project can be seen here: www.climatepartner.com/17894-2205-1001 and more info can be found under Sustainability.

Since 2015, the company is listed on NASDAQ First North under the ticker WAYS.