Fredrik Lundberg


Fredrik has worked at Waystream since 2021 but before that was a member of the company's board in 2019 - 2021. Fredrik has a solid background from the IT and telecom industry with a focus on sales, business development and product management. Most recently, he came from Telia Company, where he has held a number of leading positions such as business area manager and sales manager. Fredrik has a master's degree in economics from the International University of Monaco.

Owns 180,705 shares

(149,423 shares directly and 31,637 in pension insurance) and 71 300 stock options (50,000 in program 2021/2024 and 21,300 in program 2022/2025).

Susanne Torrbacka

Chief Financial officer and Deputy CEO

Susanne Torrbacka has worked at Waystream since 2015. She has a long and solid experience from the IT industry and has worked with entrepreneurship as well as in large international companies, always in senior positions. Susanne exercises clear and goal-oriented leadership with a focus on delivering and utilizing competence and innovation in the organization.

Owns 2,300 shares and 46,300 stock options (25,000 in program 2021/2024 and 21,300 in program 2022/2025). 

Susan Rose

Head of Communications

Susan Rose has worked at Waystream since 2021. Before that, she worked as a consultant for the company, so the relationship dates back to 2018. Susan has a past as a journalist and editor-in-chief of newspapers in the Nordic countries. For more than 20 years, she then ran her own company in PR and communication with a focus on IT, technology, telecom and cyber security. Susan is strongly goal-oriented, entrepreneurial and sees opportunities in all relationships.

Owns 3,000 shares and 33,800 stock options (12,500 in program 2021/2024 and 21,300 in program 2022/2025).

Anna Idbrant

Chief Marketing Officer

Anna has been working at Waystream since 2022. She has worked as a marketing manager in the IT industry for the past eight years and has extensive experience from both the manufacturer and channel side. Before that, she spent many years working in B2C and B2B marketing abroad in Europe and North America. Anna is highly driven and takes great care to maintain and preserve long-term customer relationships.

Owns indirectly 2,000 shares and directly 21,300 stock options (in program 2022/2025).

Johan Sandell

Johan Sandell

Chief Technology Officer

Johan Sandell has worked at Waystream since 2018. He has broad experience from the IT and telecommunications industry in an international environment with a focus on managerial leadership positions within, among other things, product management / business development and research and development. Johan's background includes experience from both entrepreneurship in start-up companies and from innovation organizations within large multinational organizations. A common thread in Johan's career is his drive to understand and utilize innovative technologies in a business-driven way to address real needs. Johan has a master's degree in Engineering Physics from KTH and leadership training from HHS and the Swedish National Defense College.

Owns 46,300 stock options (25,000 in program 2021/2024 and 21,300 in program 2022/2025).

Thomas Mittig

Director of Sales

Thomas Mittig has worked at Waystream since 2017. He has more than 25 years of experience in sales in the IT industry. He has previously worked for leading companies with sales, business development, and held management positions. Thomas holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Central Queensland University, and has extensive experience in channel sales. A recurring factor in Thomas' career is his drive and determination to find and attract new customers and develop new business opportunities.

Owns 1,500 shares and 46,300 stock options (25,000 in program 2021/2024 and 21,300 in program 2022/2025).