Members of the Board

Matthias Trygg

Matthias Trygg

Chairman of the board

Born 1960

During his professional career Matthias Trygg have consistently worked with transforming new methods and technologies to business that adds customer value. He has great experience from the IT & Telecom arena and also in later years from professional Training. Matthias has been CEO for several companies including Lärande i Sverige, Adcore and NetAdmin. In addition Matthias has served as Marketing director within Motorola and Marketing manager in VM Data.

Joined the board in 2019.

Other ongoing assignments:

  • Chairman of the board Laidback Solutions AB
  • Chairman of the board Östgöta Kök Holding AB
  • Chairman of the board Onslip Holding AB
  • Chairman of the board Optiplan AB

Owns 59,000 shares through Meep Management AB and 25,000 stock options. Independence position in relation to the company and major shareholders.

Heléne Köhler

Heléne Köhler

Member of the board

Born 1969

Member of the board since 2015, Heléne is a chemistry engineer educated at Ebersteinska skolan in Norrköping. She has more than 25 years of experience from senior positions within the IT industry, including large companies and entrepreunial companies. Heléne has a diploma from a board of director’s educational programme from Östsvenska Handelskammaren.

Other ongoing assignments:

  • Board member of MH Köhler Invest AB, Infrontit Partner AB and ED Gruppen AB.

  • Chairman of the Board Flisdjupet AB

  • Member of the Nominating Committee, Länsförsäkringar Östgöta.

  • Board member of Länsförsäkringar Östgöta.

Has 329,644 shares through MH Köhler Invest AB. Independence position in relation to the company and major shareholders.