All our switches are climate neutral

Waystream acknowledges the importance of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a common global ambition to protect our planet and create prosperity for all. As a company, we have a significant impact by means of adapting our way of working to meet the needs of future generations. In our sustainability agenda, we have integrated the SDGs in which we see our business can contribute. Our long-term ambition is to reduce our emissions as much as possible. Our industry is marked by high consumption of electricity as our products are electrically powered. It is therefore important that Waystream considers environmental aspects and electricity consumption in our products. Waystream shall, as a minimum, comply with applicable legal requirements with regard to their environmental aspects and, in those parts of the business where this is possible, prevent the occurrence of pollution.

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Climate-neutral switches - how does it work?

Calculation of carbon dioxide emissions

We have registered the carbon dioxide emissions of all our switches together with ClimatePartner and created a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). 
We have calculated the emissions from raw materials, logistics, packaging, and waste management according to the standard Cradle-to-Gate plus End-of-life method. 


Avoid and reduce emissions

We avoid and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible, even in our day-to-day work. Waystream's products are classified as electronics, and as such are automatically included in the EU's recycling system and have WEEE markings. This means that the cost of recycling each Waystream product has already been paid when it leaves our warehouse.

We design our key products so that they can be upgraded over time, and consequently used for several years longer than is normal in the IT industry. This contributes to an overall reduction in the resource burden for our planet. We have reduced package sizes and made certain accessories order items instead of being sent automatically with each package. This not only reduces the amount of waste but also the environmental impact of manufacturing and transportation. We have sited almost 80 per cent of our production in Sweden, which greatly reduces our need for air transportation from factory to warehouse.

"Climate neutral" markings

We will use the third party verified "climate neutral" marking on our products. This makes our climate commitment visible to our customers. The marking comes with a unique ID tracking number that provides additional information and transparency about climate neutrality and our supported climate protection project.