BMA Networks new partner in Germany for Waystream

STOCKHOLM 2020-10-02. Waystream, leading Swedish provider of active equipment for fibre to the home networks, continues its expansion in the German market by signing a strategic partner agreement with BMA Networks GmbH.

BMA Networks GmbH, a company in the DIERCK Gruppe, is known for its expertise as a System Integrator of broadband technologies for more than 30 years. BMA Networks, with base in Kiel are present in the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen and Hamburg in Germany. An area with more than 10 million residents.

"We are happy to start a Partnership with Waystream. Now we can offer our customers and the German market scalable, efficient and reliable solutions for end-to-end FTTx networks. We see the cooperation with Waystream as an important strategic step for our portfolio of future FTTX solutions”, says Bernd Berger, BMA Networks in Hamburg.

The broadband expansion in Germany is in an expansive phase. The country has around 41 million households, but less than two million are so far connected to a fiber network according to statistics from 2019 (VATM).

Susanne Torrbacka, CEO at Waystream says: "BMA Networks presence and experience open up a lot of opportunities to win new customers in their main markets. We see a growing and strong interest for our products. Especially the combination of functions, speed and high port density attracts the customers as well as the Telemetry function in all our switches . With BMA Networks we have a competent partner with long experience from the FTTx market and with a strong trust among the customers. This is a very successful combination and we are very pleased to welcome BMA Network as a new partner.”

About BMA Networks GmbH

BMA Networks GmbH is a leading System Integrator of network and security solutions in Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein and Niedersachsen. The Triple Play Metro Networks (FTTH) have played a large part in our success. Here we deliver, integrate and operate the necessary active components for a large number of municipal utilities and communities in Schleswig-Holstein and Niedersachsen. Since 2007 we have been part of the DIERCK Group based in Schwentinental near Kiel. In 2008 we already became co-partners of IT-Union GmbH & Co. KG. The company has increased its portfolio of strategic solutions and services for the FTTX market. Read more at