Case Study 1: The MPC480 from Waystream makes it possible for an Indian Operator to upgrade their network capacity

The Indian Operator (Operator) provides Internet services to approx. 40,000 end users (residential and business users) in a city in eastern India. The Operator has a contractual relationship with hundreds of Local Cable Operators (LCO). LCOs are privately owned entities that own and develop cable TV and Internet infrastructure in a building or neighbourhood – LCOs provide the local physical network (including active equipment) that connects the end-users.

The Indian operator network has various problems and challenges. The goal is to make the network stable and futureproof while being able to handle future customer influxes. At a high level, the network needs to be upgraded and improved. Moreover, one must address the following specific challenges:

  • Frequent fiber cuts and other stability issues adversely affect the quality and availability of the network. The network infrastructure complicates the use of automatic backup technology.
  • Scalability in central nodes is insufficient when tens of thousands of end users are online at the same time. The network has outgrown the existing solution.
  • No control over LCO networks means that security, integrity, and common technologies for separation of end-user can not be used, thus making the network vulnerable.

To enable a new network design, Waystream has chosen to place a number MPC480 as central nodes in the network. Using the MPC480, the operator has a better, more optimised network that offers solutions to a variety of existing challenges and problems, including:

  • Better performance - MPC480 has a higher capacity and larger memory than existing solutions, which makes it possible to increase the number of end users.
  •  New design gives stability- The central network is converted to a routed infrastructure with automated backup which stabilizes and minimizes the impact of fiber cuts and other disturbances. In addition, segmentation of the network is introduced which makes it possible to isolate problems with individual LCOs and prevent them from propagating issues that affect other parts of the network.
  •  Scalability - Distribution of redundant service node functionality (aka BNG) in the MPC480 improves scalability and availability of the network, providing the conditions to grow the number of end users.

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