City network in south Sweden upgrades using 10Gbit/s switches

Waystream has received an order for 10Gbit/s switches. Using the Waystream ASR8000 a city network in the Skåne region of south Sweden plans to deploy 4,800 customer ports that supports up to 10Gbit/s speed. The city network becomes one of the fastest city networks in Sweden.

The order for 200 units of the ASR8000 switch will be delivered during the second quarter 2020. The switches from Waystream will be used for expansion and upgrades of the city network that is operated by a municipality.

The bandwidth demand continues to rise on the Swedish market. Operators require reliable solutions in an ever more connected society. With the Waystream ASR8000 it is possible for a modern city network to meet the market needs and enable speeds of up to 10Gbit/s per connected customer.

"There is a big interest in our new generation of switches. Recent events with the Corona-virus shows the strength and benefit of a fast fiber infrastructure to keep the society working as people are forced to confine themselves to their homes. When work-from-home, distance learning and use of cloud based services increase it is important that operators build fast networks. That is the whole purpose of the ASR8000", says Fredrik Nyman, product manager at Waystream.

The ASR8000 is Waystreams new flag ship product. ASR8000 is available as 24 or 48-port switch/router.