Four new wins for Waystream, total value of 2.8 MSEK

- SavMAN, Öresundskraft, Pite Energi and Borås Elnät rollouts and upgrades

Waystream, who develops and sells advanced digital infrastructure such as switches and routers for fiber-based broadband networks, has won four new orders for access equipment, together with the partner NetNordic AB in Sweden. The total value for the four orders is 2.8 million SEK.

The access equipment ASR6000, a Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet access switch, will be shipped during December 2016 to SavMAN AB, which is owned by the municipality of Sävsjö and the companies Sävsjö Energi AB, Öresundskraft AB, Pite Energi AB and Borås Elnät. This equipment will be used for the ongoing rollout of new fiber networks, and for upgrades to Gigabit speed.

- We are delighted that SavMAN, Öresundskraft, Pite Energi and Borås Elnät have chosen network equipment from Waystream. The rollout means that more customers will get access to fast Internet which is vital to Sweden. Gigabit upgrades are also proof that there is an understanding that the capacity in the future must be increased at the same rate as streaming Internet TV, says Johnny Hedlund, CEO of Waystream.

Fiber networking is the fastest growing broadband technology in Sweden, which is one of only seven nations in Europe that has more than 1 million fiber connections. According to the Swedish Postal and Telephone Authority (PTS), the Swedish telecom market increased the number of fiber connections by 17% during the first six months of 2016, which represents 262,000 subscribers. The total number of subscribers using fiber was 1.8 million.[2]

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Waystream sells and designs advanced digital infrastructure including switches and routers. With our products and expertise, we help telecom operators and service providers to offer reliable and user-centric network services with a high level of functionality. Our products are smart, easy to use and manage, and designed to create the best possible experience for the end user.

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