Waystream customer Affärsverken to upgrade 7000 customers to 10Gbit/s using the ASR8000

Swedish power utility Affärsverken in Karlskrona becomes one of the first broadband networks in Europe that can deliver 10 Gbit/s services at large scale. The first stage, starting this autumn, will upgrade apx. 7200 fiber-to-the-home connections using the new ASR8000 access switch from Waystream that enables up to 10 Gbit/s speed on each connection.

Affärsverken has already evaluated the new ASR8000 from the Swedish vendor and having now completed necessary system upgrades Affärsverken is now ready to deploy the new network. A future-proof FTTx network is something that both residential and business customers expect in today's connected society. As the need for faster broadband services increase, the city network must upgrade.

Waystream partner NetNordic has been selected by Affärsverken for the upgrade.

"Waystream fulfilled all the criteria that we had on a vendor for such an important part of our city network infrastructure. The trend in our network is that the traffic continues to increase every month at the same time as the requirements on the network are getting tougher about services, availability and reliability. We must build an infrastructure for all types of services that meet the future demands in our region. Waystream is the right choice for that", says Jan Lindqvist, responsible for the City Network at Affärsverken in Karlskrona.

The ASR8000 is Waystream's new flag ship product. It comes in models with 24 or 48 port 10Gbit/s speed for customer connection and in variants that support an extended temperature range. In combination with superlowpower optics the ASR8000 has among the lowest power consumption figures in the market, making the solution climate-smart.

"Affärsverken in Karlskrona again shows their pioneering spirit with an innovative and visionary thinking for the future. With the ASR8000 they will be able to deliver great services to business and residential customers at the same time as they get a reliable and stable solution for the access that is easy to operate. That is a recipe for success, and we look forward to what we now can build together", says Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO at Waystream AB.

About Affärsverken

Affärsverken is a power utility company in the municipality of Karlskrona in the south of Sweden. The company delivers electricity, district heating, open-access broadband services and handle large parts of the municipal waste and sorting. The city network was started apx 20 years ago and today the company is network operator for the city networks that cover the municipalities of Karlskrona, Ronneby and Karlshamn connecting apx. 38,000 households in the region.

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About Waystream

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