Waystream delivers 10Gbit/s access to Karlshamn and Ronneby

Swedish tech-company Waystream has received orders from power utilities Karlshamn Energi and Miljöteknik in Ronneby for the ASR8000 access-switch. Initial deployment is a few hundred connections that now get the capability to surf the Internet at up to 10 Gbit/s.

The ASR8000 makes it possible for city networks and other operators with fiber networks to easily and cost effectively offer services with speeds up to 10Gbit/s. Using superlowpower optics the solution is as energy efficient as todays slower networks which is climate smart at the same time as the network can deliver modern and reliable services.

"Services are evolving fast and more and more functions are moved to the cloud. This increase the demand for fast connections. The city network plays a vital role in providing a robust and secure infrastructure to enable those that live and work in our region to take part in the technical evolution. That is why we chose the ASR8000", says Patrik Ågren, responsible for the city network in the municipality of Karlshamn.

The ASR8000 is one of few products on the market that are designed to meet tough legislation on the use of chemicals in electronics equipment. At the same time the products support advanced features for service delivery and traffic separation that fits open access networks and operators.

"For the region of Blekinge and town of Ronneby in particular it is important to have a modern and flexible infrastructure to maintain our ability to compete, innovate and participate in the growing digital economy. Our society is changing in its foundation and we are at the forefront of that evolution. We have worked with Waystream products for several years so the choice was not difficult", says Olof Lingqvist, responsible for the city network in the municipality of Ronneby.

One of the key characteristics of the ASR8000 is its future proofness. As bandwidth rates increase for Internet services and more functions are moved to the cloud, fast transfer speeds are needed by both residential and business customers.

"We see an evolution to more complex services that requires high speed, high availability and low latency. Our new switch, the ASR8000, is designed to meet that demand and it is of course satisfying to have that confirmed by experienced city network builders such as Karlshamn Energi and Miljöteknik i Ronneby", says Fredrik Nyman, product manager at Waystream.

The ASR8000 is available in models with 24 or 48 ports of 10Gbit/s and in models that also supports an extended temperature range.

About Karlshamn Energi

Power utility Karlshamn Energi delivers electricity, district heating, fiber and water utilities to residents in the municipality of Karlshamn, Sweden. The company has an environmental focus, basing its electricity on green and locally produced energy. The company has a management system for environment, quality and work environment certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. The municipality of Karlshamn has apx. 20,000 residents.

About Miljöteknik i Ronneby

The power utility Miljöteknik i Ronneby was formed in 1999 to service the residents in the municipality of Ronneby, Sweden. The company provides electricity, district heating, water, sewage, waste management and fiber optic services to the community. The company goal is to combine environmental responsibility with economic efficiency. By working with a holistic approach and using modern technology, they create a cleaner environment around the municipality. The municipality of Ronneby has about 12,000 residents.

For more information, please contact: 

Susanne Torrbacka, acting VD Waystream

Mobil: +46 (0) 70 553 20 20

Email: susanne.torrbacka@waystream.com 

About Waystream

Waystreams vision is a global network that connects every home, every business and every human because by communicating we bring the world closer, and enable progress that makes society better. Waystream creates network products fit for FTTH that are reliable, easier to operate and delivers great services. This means that the network can be built faster with better return on investment, more satisfied end-users and a more robust solution.

The company is listed on Nasdaq First North as WAYS. Waystreams Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB. info@fnca.se, +46(0)8-528 00 399