Waystream participates in new European AI research project

“With the new research project, we get the opportunity to continue to develop our ideas on the use of AI and next generation broadband networks. Now together with companies and organizations in Sweden, Germany and other European countries”, says Johan Sandell, CTO and responsible for Waystream’s part of the research project.

Press release March 2, 2021

Together with a consortium of about 30 small and large industrial companies, operators, research institutes and universities, Waystream is now part of a larger pan-European research project within applied AI; AI-NET. The main purpose of the research project is to accelerate digitalisation in Europe by building intelligent automation of new and existing communication networks.

“In the Nordic region, we have a strong tradition of creativity and innovation. We at Waystream are proud of being part of the past 20 year’s expansion that has made Sweden one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to high-speed broadband access and fiber to the home. Such an infrastructure not only opens opportunities for remote work and distance education, but also for creativity and innovation in digitalization and development of new services. We want to help create even better conditions for that innovative power through the pan-European research project AI-NET ", says Johan Sandell and continues:

“Ultimately, it's about innovation at all levels. Both in terms of our equipment, the operator's network and the services provided over the network. For us, the project is about using the power that exists in the open-source world combined with modularization and virtualization. It is also about using AI and more specifically machine learning e.g. to catch errors before they affect the end user. For an operator, it can be about the possibility of being able to automate their networks to a higher degree and to be able to freely place network functions in a more optimal way. For the service provider, it gives access to a secure, stable, fast and flexible infrastructure over which they can offer innovative services to end users.”

The project started in February and will run for three years. It is a so-called flagship project under CELTIC-NEXT, which is an organization with the aim of promoting collaborative projects in telecommunications and data communications. CELTIC-NEXT is part of the EUREKA network for research collaboration, which includes more than 45 countries, primarily in Europe. The Swedish branch is supported by Vinnova and among the participants are, in addition to Waystream’s ongoing partners RISE and Lunet, also Chalmers University of Technology, Clavister, FMV, Savantic and Telia.

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