Waystream selected by cable TV operator in the Netherlands

Kabelnoord, a major cable TV operator in the Netherlands, has chosen Waystream's MS7000 series for its continued expansion and upgrade of existing network equipment in its fiber network. The network currently comprises approximately 20,000 customers in the northern part of the country.

Press release, Stockholm, October 28, 2020
Waystream is a Swedish supplier of active equipment for fiber optic networks. In the first phase, more than 2,000 customer connections will be commissioned with Waystream's products.

Wybren Lieuwes, System & Network Architect at Kabelnoord says:

“We needed to find a good alternative to our current supplier for our long-term expansion and upgrade of the network. Waystream's MS7000 product series meets our requirements and Waystream's long experience in the FTTH market was an important contributing factor for choosing Waystream. We always try to use proven concepts. With Waystream, we get good scalability, good port density and the features needed for our FTTH network to deliver fast internet and other services." 

Waystream has a built-in telemetry function in all its access switches. This is interesting for many network operators, so also for Kabelnoord:

“We are pleased with the possibility of telemetry, even if we will not use the function in the short term. In the future, we will probably use it ", says Wybren Lieuwes.

“The Netherlands is comparatively far ahead in terms of its expansion and there is a clear need for generational change and upgrading of technical equipment. Kabelnoord is an experienced player in the market and it is gratifying that the benefits we offer, such as the flexibility and the products' telemetry function, meet their needs,” says Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO Waystream.

This is Kabelnoord:
Kabelnoord is a FTTH network operator and service provider of internet, TV, telephone services and is located in Dokkum. More than 80% of the inhabitants of this region use our (fiber) network and services of Kabelnoord. Kabelnoord is owned by four Frisian municipalities. Kabelnoord doesn’t focus on profit but has been focusing on the interests of customers and the region for 40 years. Profits flow back to the province of Friesland. Kabelnoord ensures good digital accessibility to counteract shrinkage in the region. Kabelnoord is the service provider for the northern part of the Netherlands.