Waystream signs agreement with NOTE AB for manufacturing in Sweden

The Swedish technology company Waystream, which manufactures products for broadband networks, has signed an agreement with the contract manufacturer NOTE AB. The agreement means that Waystream can transfer parts of its production to Note's Swedish factory in Lund as needed. Waystream also has manufacturing in China.

"The deal with Note is part of our strategy to minimize risks. By having manufacturing in several locations we become less vulnerable to disruptions in the logistics system. The environmental aspect is also important as we get shorter transport routes to important markets", says Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO of Waystream.

Note is a Northern European manufacturing partner for the production of electronics-based products that require high technical expertise and flexibility during the product life cycle.

"We chose Note because they could offer a good solution and match our quality requirements at the same time as we get the capability to manufacture in another continent. The Corona pandemic has made clear the risks that exist in the logistics system as countries are forced to shut down completely or partially. With more, distributed, factories we reduce the consequences of such events", says Stefan Blixt, logistics manager at Waystream.