Waystream signs partner agreement with K-Businesscom in the DACH region

Press release 1 September 2023

Waystream increases its focus on the DACH markets by adding a new partner in K-Businesscom Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
K-Businesscom saw Waystream as a perfect match, providing customers with sustainable high-end solutions, which is becoming an increasing demand among Internet Service providers in the FTTH market.

“We as K-Businesscom are constantly improving our partner portfolio according to the requirements of our customers and with Waystream we see a great opportunity. From the very beginning it was clear to us that the way Waystream positions its products on the market matches with our vision as well. The product quality and low power profile perfectly match our customers’ expectations to build and run sustainable and green networks. Also the product lifecycle is outstanding. In contrast to other vendors, Waystream delivers new software also for older devices and brings the newest features, if possible, also to older network devices”, says Ralf Arweiler, Managing Director at K-Businesscom Germany, he continues:

"We were impressed when realizing how thorough Waystream works with sustainability. The way they climate compensate for their production is completely in line with the new requirements and needs we see from our market.”

Waystream who climate compensates for all its access switches, is a Swedish vendor with most of its production in Sweden. The vendor has a solid background on the Nordic market, and in February 2023 the company opened its first office in Germany. Fredrik Lundberg, CEO at Waystream Group looks bright at the new cooperation:

“Germany and the whole DACH region are very important markets for us and has our highest priority going forward. The Nordics and DACH have very similar requirements and values, therefore we see great potential to grow fast and steady in this region. With that in mind, to find a partnership with a large and trusted company like K-Businesscom, who has big market awareness and a reach among our potential customers, was exactly what we have been looking for to add to our network. K-Businesscom is a driven and an ambitious partner, already doing business with many internet service providers that will be a good match for us. We are convinced that our new cooperation with K-Businesscom will be prosperous and that we together will grow our footprint in the region.”

All Waystream’s business is indirect and done through partners.