Waystreams takes a major deal with a Swedish city network

STOCKHOLM 2020-10-01. Waystream has received a major order comprising 7,000 connections on the access switch ASR8000 from Netnordic Sverige AB for installation in a Swedish city network. With ASR8000, it will be possible for the city network to deliver services at up to 10Gbit/s speed to its customers.

The deal, which is made via Waystream's partner Netnordic Sverige AB, means that deliveries will start after New Year's 2021.

"We see an increased demand in the market for 10Gbit/s access and Waystream's products are an important part of our solutions for city networks", says Robert Malm, VP Networks at NetNordic Sverige AB.

For today's city network, it is important to be able to offer its residents and businesses a modern and flexible infrastructure in order to maintain competitiveness and drive innovation.

"In these Corona times, the importance of a fast and reliable broadband network is obvious. It creates the best conditions for working from home, participating in distance education, taking part in entertainment, gaming and much more. With the help of ASR8000, another Swedish city network will now have a state-of-the-art broadband network with the latest technology that creates maximum societal benefit for the inhabitants ", says Fredrik Nyman, product manager at Waystream.

ASR8000 is Waystream's flagship product. With 28 or 52 connections in each switch depending on the model that supports up to 10Gbit/s and which also includes telemetry and advanced service assurance, it is the leading access switch for city networks.

ASR8000 is one of the few products on the market that is adapted to meet the Swedish legal requirements regarding chemicals in electronics. At the same time, it supports advanced services for service delivery and traffic separation that suit all city networks and operators.

Future security is one of the key features of the ASR8000. As the speed of Internet services increases and more and more functions end up in the cloud, higher transmission speeds are required for both individuals and companies.

"We are seeing a trend towards more complex services that require high speed, high availability and fast response times. Our new switch, ASR8000, is designed to meet that need and it is of course gratifying to have it confirmed by new city network builders," says Fredrik Nyman , product manager at Waystream.

ASR8000 is available in models with 24 or 48 ports with 10Gbit / s and in variants that can also handle an extended temperature range.