10Gbit/s broadband

Today the demand for bandwidth is greater than ever. Making bandwidth available at large scale has sparked innovation into new services and new ways to using the Internet - for work, for education and for entertainment.

This new world requires bandwidth and transfer speeds at a whole new level.

10Gbit/s to the home

Waystream access-switches are designed for fiber to the home networks. A small form-factor, front-to-side airflow and a unique network processor / ASIC architecture provides a blend of features to make FTTH networks reliable, easy to operate and deliver great services.

The ASR8000 series

Layer 3 switches for FTTH that features 28 or 52 ports of up to 10Gbit/s speed, AC or DC power and normal or extended temperature range. You can deploy them in street cabinets, in central-office locations, in harsh environments, with redundant power input or battery backup. There is a model to fit your needs!

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Learn more about the ASR 8000.

The MS8000 series

Layer 2 switches for FTTH that features 28 or 52 ports of up to 10Gbit/s speed, with AC power and rear DC redundant power connector.

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Learn more about the MS8000.


The most bandwidth demanding services today are TV and video on demand, but many networks are not delivering the resolution and quality that users expect. New TV-sets offers 4K and 8K screen resolution which multiplies the bandwidth needed to provide a high-quality media stream that delivers what the user is expecting.

Virtual Reality (VR) is also gaining in popularity. More and more games and other entertainment make use of VR. Technologies for eye tracking and 360x360 motion tracking enable augmented reality where computer generated graphics is superimposed on the real world to enhance and improve the use of services, entertainment and applications.

Cloudification where more and more compute and storage is moved to the cloud creates a separation between the display entity (desktop computer, handheld device) and the computing power (servers in the cloud) that requires fast transfer rates inbetween for a smooth and responsive experience.

Internet of Things with advanced sensor networks to provide automation and control over devices and our environment in new ways is adding to the mix.

And finally, high-speed wireless antennas such as WiFi and 5G are needed in more dense deployment than ever before to cover every corner with connectivity.