The switches 7300 and 7100 bring new life to copper property networks - increase capacity up to 2.5Gbit/s

We build the network of the future! Now you can maintain your copper property network while maximizing capacity and availability. With Waystream's new products, property owners can upgrade existing copper property networks up to 2.5Gbit / s without having to replace the cabling.

The demand for broadband is constantly increasing. We do our e-shopping, have video meetings, study, watch movies, visit doctors and much more from our homes and everything must be done with high availability and quality. Unfortunately, not all properties and property networks currently meet these requirements due to old technology.
Sweden was early to adapt the fiber expansion around the turn of the millennium. For cost reasons, it was common to lay Ethernet copper wiring in the property networks while laying fiber in the ground. These property networks today have their capacity and accessibility limitations.

What are the options?
So, what are the options for properties with older equipment and outgoing supplier agreements?
One solution is to tear out the copper property networks and replace them with fiber. It is a future-proof but at the same time expensive and time-consuming solution that affects end customers.
Another option is to only replace the switch in the basement! With Waystream's products, it is now possible to offer speeds up to 2.5G / bit speed to each apartment / company with existing infrastructure. With a replacement of the switch hardware, you can meet the requirements of customers and the market for the next 5-10 years.

Why is a faster network needed? 
Because networks play a key role in carrying all communications. Today, video makes up the majority of bandwidth. So how much is enough? More than a gigabit. Because it's not just about watching streamed videos, it's just as much about what we humans dislike the most, waiting! We are impatient. We do not want to wait to download documents or receive emails. Therefore, the networks must be scaled up. New technologies make it possible to run faster on regular Ethernet. 

It is a simple maneuver to replace the property's switches and bring new life to the copper property network. If you want to know exactly how easy it is, contact

Waystream's new 7300 series have 24 or 48 ports that support the new standard. This means that the ports can operate at speeds of 10/100/1000/2500 Mbit / s over standard Ethernat Cat.5e or better cabling. The uplinks on the new MS7300 switches support 10 and 25Gbit / s. The standard is compatible with existing computers, routers and switches.
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