Temp hardened switches

Waystreams ASR 8000 (up to 52 ports 10Gbit/s) and MS7000 (Up to 48 ports 2.5Gbit/s) have a unique air-cooling design to support high density fiber networks.

A front-to-side airflow in Waystreams switches provides proper cooling of optical transceivers (SFP) even in as dense installations as 52 SFPs per rack unit. By blowing air out on the sides of the unit the switches can be installed close to a rear wall without the risk of an air-cushion forming behind the unit that would otherwise reduce the effective airflow. Better cooling of the electronic equipment extends the lifetime and prevents overheating of the switch and optics.

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For really tough installation environments such as street cabinets without active cooling, the ASR 8000 and MS7000 are also available in extended temperature versions supporting -20 to +70 degree ambient temperature. These models use particularly durable electronic components to support the hot environment. Additional fans blowing to the rear creates a front-to-side-back airflow through the units which is necessary to cope with the most extreme environmental situations.

A typical street cabinet deployment example is a stack of extended temperature MS7000 providing up to 2.5Gbit/s link speed over the fiber network to each household, aggregated into a extended temperature ASR 8000 that provides redundant uplink connections from the street cabinet.