Waystream launches 10Gbit/s access switches for Fiber networks

Swedish tech-company Waystream today introduces two new series of access switches, the MS7000 and ASR 8000 series, specifically designed for Fiber broadband access networks. The new line of switches offers up to 10Gbit/s broadband speed per connected home or business, enabling the fastest mass-market broadband services in the world. Extended temperature support allow field deployment into street cabinets as well as central office locations.

The evolution of services on the Internet depend on bandwidth. TV and Video on Demand are popular services, but high resolution and good quality requires a lot of bandwidth. In addition, users are becoming more sensitive to the overall experience of using services - time is important. As more and more services are moving to apps in the cloud the bandwidth affects how responsive and fast they appear to the user and consumers quickly dismiss slow services.

"The ultimate user experience require more bandwidth than current networks deliver. It’s not just about a sustained increase in traffic volume, a responsive and fast experience is just as important. Users do not accept slow loading pages or delays and higher bandwidth creates better services but also leads to innovation in new services and applications. ", says Fredrik Nyman, Product Manager at Waystream.

Fiber broadband networks often require access equipment to be installed into harsh environments where lack of cooling or proper airflow puts additional strain on the technical equipment. During sommer months the temperatures in such installation location can rise as high as 60-70 degrees.

"Special considerations must be taken when designing a product for such environment. The new MS7000 and ASR 8000 series is specifically designed for fiber and broadband networks. Switches used by city network and broadband operators need to be durable and reliable for many years of operation. That is why we at Waystream put extra focus on functions that facilitates easy and cost effective network operation such as lower power consumption and functions to simplify network operation such as continuous quality control of services. That makes us world-leaders" says Johan Sandell, CTO at Waystream.

Austrian city network operator fiber experts Optisis Austria B.V. that are deploying fiber broadband networks in Austria will begin testing with the MS7000 series.

"Higher density and extended temperature is just what we need. With the new MS7000 series from Waystream we can accelerate our deployment and improve the overall business case for the fiber network, We are looking forward to introducing this product into our network.", says Robert Bauman, CEO of Optisis Austria.

The product range includes 24 and 48 port models and offers dual power connectors to allow for redundant power feed to the units for higher availability. The extended temperature range support is -20 to +70 degree C. The MS7000 offers downlink port speed of up to 2.5Gbti/s while the ASR 8000 supports up to 10Gbit/s.

Swedish city network operator Affärsverken in Karlskrona operates city networks in the Blekinge region of Sweden covering Karlskrona, Ronneby and Karlshamn with Fiber networks. In total they connect approx. 37,000 households with Fiber.

"Affärsverken has built Fiber networks for 20 years. We have been pioneers and always led the evolution of networks and services. As part of IoT Blekinge we were named "City network of the year 2018" for or work with developing services for Internet of Things. Now we have our goals on becoming the fastest city network in the world. Waystream’s new ASR 8000 will be a centre piece of our continued expansion and upgrade. We are enthusiastic about the product Waystream have developed with our input and we are looking forward to beginning field trials with this new, faster technology", says Johan Ullström, network owner at Affärsverken.

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About Waystream

Waystreams vision is a global network that connects every home, every business and every human because by communicating we bring the world closer, and enable progress that makes society better. Waystream creates network products fit for FTTH that are reliable, easier to operate and delivers great services. This means that the network can be built faster with better return on investment, more satisfied end-users and a more robust solution.

The company is listed on Nasdaq First North as WAYS. Waystreams Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB. info@fnca.se, +46(0)8-528 00 399