Waystream takes on new customer in Bavaria

German energy company SÜC GmbH has signed a frame agreement and placed a first order on switches from Waystream's new MS7000 series for its continued expansion of a fiber-based broadband network in the city of Coburg and its surrounding areas.

The frame agreement includes upgrading and replacement of existing equipment from another supplier. Among other things, SÜC GmbH will use Waystream's E-temp models in the MS7000 series that can withstand an extended temperature range since installations are carried out in street cabinets where the equipment is exposed to both high heat and low temperatures during the year.

- Our switches in the E-temp version in both the ASR8000 and MS7000 series are intended for installations in harsh environments in exactly the way that SÜC GmbH does, says Fredrik Nyman, product manager at Waystream.

SÜC GmbH operates in northern Bavaria and today connects about 60,000 households with electricity, water and other services. Since 2009, fiber networks have been built and today approximately 8,000 customers are connected.

- With KLAR Kabelschutz and Waystream we have reliable partners in the broadband market. The products are optimally designed for FTTB expansion and we are certain that with Waystream products we will continue to be able to offer our customers TOP-services and bandwidths up to 10Gbit/s in the future, says Thorsten Seufert, Head of Data Networks at SÜC GmbH.

The deal is handled through Waystream's new partner KLAR Kabelschutz.

For more information, please contact: 

Susanne Torrbacka, acting VD Waystream

Mobil: +46 (0) 70 553 20 20

Email: susanne.torrbacka@waystream.com 


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