Waystream delivers access switches to an additional eight municipalities in Sweden

Press release May 12, 2022

Waystream's partner NetNordic Sweden has signed a multi-year framework agreement with Kurbit, which is Dalarna's largest communications operator, and a joint venture for five city network companies in Dalarna and eight Dalarna municipalities*. The agreement pertains to Kurbit’s intention to replace its existing access equipment, which includes 50 000 customer connections, to Waystream's switches.

“Many people feel compelled to predict the future; however, few get it right, and it is difficult to know whether it is 10 gigs or something else that will apply in the future. Therefore, it is optimal to have partners who are in the game in order to broach everything new that will crop up, who know the city network, and know what the Swedish model is. Waystream comes from our world, they have the city network concept in their DNA,” which Jan Persson, CEO of Kurbit, states as an important reason for choosing Waystream as their new supplier of access switches.

Regarding how he views the future, Jan Persson says "We know what kind of service we have today, but we want to feel secure that we will also be able to handle the services of tomorrow. Right now, we live with the existing equipment available in the various networks, but our desire is to make it as uniform and simple as possible in the future, and eliminate structures that do not inspire our way of thinking on how to build networks. We will phase out old structures so we can achieve a uniform switch park with both 24 and 48 port switches, and the same operating system.”

“We are extremely happy and proud that five city networks in Dalarna, via Kurbit, have chosen Waystream as their supplier of access switches. Sweden is our home market, and the fact that we continue to strengthen our position thanks to more city networks choosing our products is very important to us. It is an even greater honour that Kurbit feels secure that they are future-proofing their networks by choosing us as a supplier,”says Fredrik Lundberg, CEO of Waystream.

* Facts/Ownership structure

The owners of Kurbit are Falu Energi & Vatten, Borlänge Energi, Dala Energi, Hedemora Energi and Malung-Sälen's fibre network. In total, Kurbit covers the eight municipalities in Falun, Borlänge, Leksand, Rättvik, Gagnef, Säter, Hedemora, and Malung-Sälen. The local city networks still own their respective fibre networks (the passive network) but have transferred the active network to Kurbit. It is Kurbit that, in its role as a communication operator, activates and continuously handles traffic via the fibre network.

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