Waystream welcomes RegioNet as a new customer from Germany


RegioNet Schweinfurt GmbH, part of Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH, municipal utilities of the city of Schweinfurt with 54,000 inhabitants, was looking for a new provider of FTTH-solutions with highly dependable solutions. After an extensive test period the choice fell on Waystream for upgrading and building new FTTH-infrastructure for 5,000 private homes.

Press release June 21, 2021:

 RegioNet Schweinfurt have been offering fiber for the past 20 years for companies of the city network and since 2012 they also build fiber networks for external companies and private housing.
customers all over the city and in the future also in the surrounding area.Sebastian Landgraf, Manager of technology at RegioNet Schweinfurt GmbH, explains:

“We didn´t go for the cheapest upfront solution but the one that will give us the lowest longterm OPEX (Operating expenses). Waystream gave a good impression from the start and we recognized their products to be more reliable than similar products in the market. Reliability is an extremely important key point for us. In addition, Waystream´s products are easy to configurate, so its products were up and running after just a few hours workshop for our technicians. Currently we do not use the integrated option for telemetric monitoring, but we will look into that in the future.”

The agreement includes a number of MS7024-AC which are primarily used to connect about 700 apartments in Schweinfurt in a first step, which are part of about 5,000 apartments in the coming years. The MS7000 series is a hybrid architecture, including both a switch ASIC for up to wire-speed performance and a network processor (NPU) for advanced service features and unique troubleshooting tools.

“I am happy to welcome Schweinfurt to the Waystream family and that our products are the perfect match for their needs and I´m confident that we will continue grow together. I´m especially glad that they view our products reliable and easy to configurate as we aim to be easy to operate and long lasting both from a technical and economic standpoint,” says Fredrik Lundberg, CEO Waystream.

“It is generally recognised that fiber is the future and that only fiber can satisfy the ever-growing needs for bandwidth and speed. The pandemic has shown how mandatory internet access already is today and how fast the world is going digital. No matter whether you are streaming music or films with the whole family, playing computer games, working from your home office and looking after customers and projects in the company. With fiber there are no bottlenecks and only fiber can address the needs of prospective challenges of internet-based services. Waystream will prove to be a major asset in our company’s expertise in this field,” Sebastian Landgraf ends.

The deal was arranged through Waystream’s German partner Anedis.

About RegioNet Schweinfurt

Die RegioNet versorgt als regionaler Telekommunikationsdienstleister sowohl Privat- als auch Gewerbekunden mit Kommunikationslösungen – angefangen vom superschnellen Internet über attraktive TV-Pakete bis zur individuellen Standort-Vernetzung. Das Unternehmen ist eine 100%ige Tochter der Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH und Vorreiter im Glasfaserausbau.

Read more at: https://www.regionet-sw.de/