Waystream - Communication Everywhere

The world needs network that connect every home, every business and every human being. By communication we bring the world closer and enable progress that makes society better. The world needs communication everywhere. We will make this happen.

Our vision is a connected world where ideas and knowledge can cross borders and lead to new discoveries. Innovation that makes our lives better and improves the way we work and live.

Fibre networks and the unlimited communication they enable is the core infrastructure needed to realize our vision.  Building this new infrastructure certainly have its challenges - it is a journey that will take many years to complete. Laying the fibre is just the beginning. The real journey starts as the network begin to fill up with services - the decades to come of operating a great network that meet user expectations to deliver what it promises.

That is why we see it as our mission to make that journey as effective as possible.

Waystream creates network products fit for FTTH that are reliable, easier to operate and delivers great services. This means that the network can be built faster with better return on investment, more satisfied end-users and a more robust solution.

When the network is easier to operate it saves money and time. When the network is reliable it can be trusted with demanding services allowing innovation to grow. When the network delivers great services it simply works to meet all user needs.

Fibre networks are not like every other network. That is why we build our products to specifically cater to the needs of FTTH.

We provide switches, routers and related accessories that lets business and residential services be delivered over fiber infrastructure.

If you are building a FTTH network, you need to talk to us. We can make your network better!